Kannada Sangha is an organisation for people ...

of Karnataka in Toronto Area to enjoy, celebrate, participate in our rich and diverse heritage, and culture.

Kannada Sangha was established in 1973 by immigrants from Karnataka, India. They wanted to found an organization where people could meet one another, create a community and celebrate our accomplishments and festivals.

The Kannada Sangha in Toronto has grown from a couple of hundred people 20 years ago to over 500 members. This is a testament to how vibrant and active we are as an organization. From the beginning, there has been active participation from all members in the community, adult and youth alike in various cultural activities and on the executive committee.

Our Mission:

Kannada Sangha shall be the foremost non-profit socio-cultural organization to foster the culture of Karnataka, India in the Greater Toronto Area.

Over the years Kannada Sangha has also added more events to the calendar including a Karnataka float for the Independence Day celebrations, Seniors meet, Newcomers meet, CasinoRama Trip, Cultural Day, Youth events, sports etc to the ones celebrated from the beginning - i.e. Ganesha Habba, Nada Habba, Ugadi and picnic. We have also increased our participation in sports activities, offering Golf, Cricket, Table Tennis, Carrom and Chess which helps draws more participants and involvement from the community.

Kannada Sangha’s Cultural Day encourages participation from children as young as 4 years old, giving them a platform to showcase their talents. Kannada Sangha has a history of encouraging local artists and on our Cultural Day we were able to tap into the wide pool of talent within our own community where our fellow Kannadigas gave a splendid Kacheri.

It is heartwarming to see the level of participation from the community in all Kannada Sangha events and we look forward to bringing you more great years ahead. If you would like to be a part of the community please subscribe to KST emails to receive updates.