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Have you ever felt inspiration-elation-pride-excitement all at the same time?
Kannada Sangha Toronto gave us an opportunity to feel just like that when it organised a felicitation dinner event on August 14th to honour the 12 brave Kannadigas that represented India at 7th World Dwarf Games, held in Guelph Ontario. The Kannadiga sportsmen, making up more than half of the Indian team, have collectively bagged 15 Gold, 14 Silver and 10 Bronze medals in the games.

Mr. Prasanna Krishna, honorable president of KST took to the main-stage and welcomed the one and all to the felicitation. He then opened the floor for the sportsmen to introduce themselves, and their craft. They spoke about their rigorous training routines, discipline and hard work with great zeal. Sportsmen spoke about their mentor/coach/manager above all, a father figure Mr. Shivanand Gunjal with love and devotion. When reminded about their support system back home, they were emotional reminiscing about their families - their backbone -and spoke about them with plenty of warm feelings. When a guest asked them how they feel about returning home shortly, one of the sportsmen expressed sheer delight to reunite with his wife and their 6 month old.

The sportsmen expressed fondness towards Canada Kannadigas and exclaimed that they feel right at home, right here in Toronto, thousands of miles away from home. They expressed warm gratitude towards Canada Kannadigas would have gone above and beyond in showing hospitality and love. The audience was alive with joy upon hearing such kind words from those great achievers.

Several distinguished guests addressed the gathering and spoke about how being short statured or differently physically abled is not a hindrance in achieving a great feat, if the person is well abled in self confidence, hard work, the strong will and determination to accomplish one's goal despite all the odds. They called out for the children in the audience to follow the footsteps of the sportsmen of the hour and take inspiration from their greatness.

A few sportsmen shared that they not only rock the tracks, fields and courts but some of them rock the dance floor and some are movie stars!! Some guests requested for live performance and the sportsmen obliged, very sportingly

Later that night, the President, KST organised the presentation of medals to the sportsmen and also presented a plaque to the coach. KST also presented a cash donation to the players to help them with their incidental expenses and to show our appreciation towards their exemplary performance in their craft. Inspired by KST, our guests also organised an on-the-spot fundraiser and presented the proceeds to the coach.

All the guests, KST executive commttiee members and sportsmen left the venue with an evening to remember and a memory to cherish.

- Prashanth Subbanna

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